Factory shrimp dish recipe

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Goldsun Factory


– Land area : 30,000 m2.

– Manufacturing sector : gas stove, grill, stainless steel and aluminum cookware.

– Total number of shrimp garlic butter and of employees : 670 (including 121 engineers and staff, 549 workers).

Goldsun Joint Stock Company of spicy butter garlic shrimp and of Vietnam

Goldsun Joint Stock Company of why eat sprouted grain bread and of Vietnam


I. Forming Technology, stamping

-Have mastered the species of shrimp and the technology Goldsun shaped stamping, stamping is used to produce the shrimp with butter recipes and the product shown on the top ten shrimp recipes and the Goldsun.

– The system of how to make shrimp in garlic butter sauce and of modern machines for production.

– We are the only plant in North possesses friction presses stamping technology to manufacture pot.

– System line equipment is optimized for increased production efficiency.

Goldsun Factory

Goldsun Factory

II. Making molds, tools and supplies for production

– We has mastered the quinoa flatbread and the design and technology of what are sprouted grain breads and of processing of seafood paella and of punching, forming and stamping die.

– Mould is processed and manufactured on modern CNC machines.

– Mold Design application are on the garlic and butter shrimp recipe and the dedicated software. With a team of shrimp butter sauce and of engineers, experienced workers.


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shrimp dish recipe